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       XXVII Annual Congress of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology        بـیــست و هفتمین کنــگــره سـالیـانه انـجـمـن چـشـم پـزشـکی ایـــران
جشنواره فیلم و عکس Festival

  يافتن سريع افراد:   تعداد نمایش:

ردیفعنوانFamily / NameType
 1  Anterior capsular phimosis syndrome  Mahmoud  Babaei  Photo
 2  Early and late DMGK  Mahmoud  Babaei  Photo
 3  Cystic conjunctival nevus  Mahmoud  Babaei  Photo
 4  ICARE tragedy !!(large inferior corneal bullae)  Mahmoud  Babaei  Photo
 5  Pigmented free-floating iris cyst  Narjes sadat  Bagherian  Photo
 6  Pigmented Free-floating iris cyst  Narjes sadat  Bagherian  Photo
 7  Upper Blepharoplasty; When and How to Reposit A prolapsed Lacrimal Gland  Mohsen  Bahmani Kashkouli  Video
 8  Bunch of Demodex  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Photo
 9  Diffuse CIN(conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Photo
 10  modified Grene lasso suture after RK  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Video
 11  modified Grene lasso suture after RK  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Photo
 12  Inralenticular F.B removal  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Video
 13  hyperthrophic scar  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Photo
 14  late complication of old type of PIOL  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Photo
 15  Inralenticular F.B removal  Seyed Hashem  Daryabari  Video
 16  DSEAK Challenges in CHED  Alireza  Eslampoor  Video
 17  Management of crystalline lens dislocation in Marfan syndrome  Alireza  Eslampoor  Video
 18  DALK in Keratoglobus  Alireza  Eslampoor  Video
 19  Kissing balloons (Iris epithelial cyst in touch with crystalline lens)  Alireza  Eslampoor  Photo
 20  Epiretinal membrane  Mohamadreza  Famil Tokhme Chi  Photo
 21  scleral fixation of iol and PKP  Amir  Faramarzi  Video
 22  Interface Vitrectomy For Redetachment Associated With Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy  Khalil  Ghasemi Falavarjani  Video
 23  keratopigmentation  Seyed mohammad  Ghoreishi  Video
 24  Cataract Surgery Under a KAMRA Inlay  Alireza  Habibollahi  Video
 25  Cataract Surgery Under a KAMRA Inlay  Alireza  Habibollahi  Video
 26  Cataract Surgery Under a KAMRA Inlay  Alireza  Habibollahi  Video
 27  Cataract Surgery Under a KAMRA Inlay  Alireza  Habibollahi  Video
 28  Cataract under KAMRA  Alireza  Habibollahi  Video
 29  LK+Phaco+PCIOL in High Myopic Patient with Corneal Scar  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Video
 30  Sequential ICRs, Accelerated CXL, Phaco+Toric PCIOL  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Video
 31  Granular Dystrophy  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Photo
 32  PCIOL in Albinism  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Photo
 33  TICL Exchange  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Video
 34  DSAEK+Phaco+PCIOL and Anterior Chamber Artizan Phakic IOL Removal in Case with PBK & Phakic Artizan  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Video
 35  Acuntemoeba Keratitis  Seyed javad  Hashemian  Photo
 36  Anterior subcapsular cataract 3 years after ICL implantation.  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 37  Old fashion phone!! (Artificial cornea 3 years after implantation)  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 38  Moth-eaten!! (Unusual and interesting iris atrophy in both eye)  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 39  Black hole!! (Ischemic iris atrophy due to old type of IOL)  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 40  Microspherophakia  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 41  Interesting Artisan Implantation Method inPt with Aphakia  Khosrow  Jadidi  Video
 42  Enhancement Surgery in Implanted Artificial Cornea  Khosrow  Jadidi  Video
 43  Manuual Annual Keratoplasty for Management of Severe and Complicated Terrien‘s Marginal Degeneration after Cataract Surgery  Mohammad Reza  Jafarinasab  Video
 44  The Osteo-Odento-Keratoprostosis(OOKP)  Mohammad Reza  Jafarinasab  Photo
 45  Ciliary Sulcus Fixated PMMA IOL Dislocation in a Patient with PXF, Holding by iris Cuptuted of Large Haptic  Mohammad Reza  Jafarinasab  Photo
 46  Mercedes shaped traumatic macular rupture  Mohammad hassan  Jalalpour  Photo
 47  traumatic macular rupture  Mohammad hassan  Jalalpour  Photo
 48  masoud capsulrehesis for microsurgeris  Mehran  Massud Naseri  Video
 49  A traumatic globe dislocation  Sayed ezatollah  Memarzadeh  Photo
 50  A traumatic globe dislocation  Sayed ezatollah  Memarzadeh  Photo
 51  Free-Floating Iris Cyst  S.Saeed  Mohammadi  Photo
 52  Saving a Compromised DALK  Mohammad  Mohammadi Roozbehani  Video
 53  Dislocated IOLs  Seyed ali asghar  Mosavi  Photo
 54  Herpetic storm!!( interestitial keratitis )  Seyed ali asghar  Mosavi  Photo
 55  Nodular scelritis  Seyed ali asghar  Mosavi  Photo
 56  Corneal Melanosis  Seyed ali asghar  Mosavi  Photo
 57  Exposed AC IOL haptic (After 10 years)  Seyed ali asghar  Mosavi  Photo
 58  Hypertensive Retinopathy  Gholamali  Naderian  Photo
 59  Rice like corneal degeneration  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 60  Atypic Membrane Format after LK in DALK Patient  Farhad  Nejat  Video
 61  Congenital cataracts  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 62  Drug deposite in both eyes  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 63  Haptics fall in love!!  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 64  Remained cortical material 2 years after surgery  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 65  Flat AC with Iridocorneal Touch  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 66  Intracorneal Nonmetallic Foreign Body with Corneal Edema  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 67  -  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 68  Exposed ICRS  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 69  Acute Hydrops  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 70  test  Mansour  Raad  Photo
 71  A surprising brow elevation  Seyed Mohsen  Rafizadeh  Video
 72  bilateral glube luxation  Seyed Mohsen  Rafizadeh  Photo
 73  PKP with Scleral Fixation Of IOL  Behrooz  Rahimi  Video
 74  A fundus video taken by “Direct Ophthalmoscope” (self funduscopy)  Marjan  Razi Khosroshahi  Video
 75  Self Fundoscopy! (direct ophthalmoscope)  Marjan  Razi Khosroshahi  Photo
 76  PCIOL in Aniridia  Saeid  Shahhosseini  Photo
 77  Traumatic iris remnaut  Saeid  Shahhosseini  Photo
 78  silicone tube  Ebrahim  Shirzadeh  Video
 79  anbar nesara and traditional treatment  Ebrahim  Shirzadeh  Video
 80  ABP:Air Bubble Precipitates.  Saeed  Shokoohi rad  Photo
 81  Attached retina is directly visible without any lens using slit lamp  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 82  Infectious crystalline keratopathy induced by candida albicans  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 83  auto-enucleated globe induced by an eye contusion  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 84  Microspherophakia  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 85  When a Descemetocele Rescues Two Eyes  Mohammad  Soleimani  Video
 86  A new technique in DSAEK  Mohammad  Soleimani  Video
 87  A captured 3 piece IOL, a lesson from a mistake!  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 88  Acanthamoeba keratitis, a beautiful scene!  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 89  جسم خارجی به عنوان نیدوس واکنش التهابی.  Ali  Tabatabaei  Photo
 90  میکرواسفروفاکی  Ali  Tabatabaei  Photo
 91  اشک قرمز  Ali  Tabatabaei  Photo
 92  Subhyaloid hemorrhage  Ali  Tabatabaei  Photo
 93  An unusual case of IOFB  Ali  Tabatabaei  Video
 94  کاتارکت مورگانی در بیمار دارای کولوبوم لنز  Ali  Tabatabaei  Photo
 95  Delicate Investigation of fixational eye movements by an innovative eye tracker  S.M.Salar  Zaheryani  Video

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